The Vortex Effect

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A mind-altering experience, suddenly enhanced abilities, and a deadly threat on his life — not the relaxing vacation Derek Mann thought he signed up for.

ER Doctor Derek Mann is in desperate need of a vacation. He needs the time to reflect on the many questions that continue to plague him – question about life, medicine, and a recurring dream from his past as a musician. Instead, his leisurely North woods trip to join friend starts out with a suspicious tire blow-out and quickly escalate into a series of events that spin his life out of control. While wandering in the woods at camp, Derek experiences an altered state, entering a vortex that expands his understanding, but also makes him aware that someone seeks his demise. After leaving camp, he realized that the incident seems to have remarkably enhanced his skills. Eager to see if the vortex can help him find the beautiful stranger haunting his dreams, and the answer the questions that trouble him, Derek knows he must go back. Will he find the answers he seeks, or will someone else find him first?

Selected Awards:

The Vortex Effect was named an International Book Awards Finalist in 2015.

Selected Reviews:

“The Vortex Effect is intelligent, compelling, and fun. Laced with keen observations of a first-rate physician, the irreverence of a life-long musicians, and the musings of a serious work, Vortex takes aim at almost all of contemporary America’s sacred cows, with humor, passion and suspense.” – Elinor Burkett, New York Times Best Selling Author and Oscar Winner

“Dr. Wayne Liebhard has seen the best and the worst of American medicine, music and politics. And he’d like to see a few things changed! Thank goodness he’s created Derek Mann to share his ideas with us. Equal parts drama, social commentary, and metaphysical exploration, Mann’s story, at heart, his every person’s search for happiness and meaning in a society that wants to paint us all the same shade of gray. This book is bound to stimulate conversations long after readers have put it down. Bravo!” – Dr. Ann Korbel, Editor

“The Vortex Effect is a riveting adventure. It grabs your attention and sucks you into a remarkable twisting, turning suspense tale, while simultaneously forcing you to question the boundaries of your own existence. Wayne Liebhard’s protagonist, Dr. Derek Mann, is the perfect conduit for the trip, and this ride will leave you permanently changed. Especially enjoyed the music theme that runs through the book. One gets the feeling that Dr. Mann would rather be on stage playing his guitar than in the ER.” – Jim Donna of the Castaways (Co-Author of song “Lair, Lair”) and Member of MN Rock and Country Hall of Fame

“If you find it hard to believe the doctor you’ve come to enjoy, and think you know, is much more than a white coat learning digital record keeping, then you must read The Vortex Effect. If you’ve worked every day with a doctor who has an extraordinary affection for his undergrad alma mater, and will do great rock ‘n’ roll after just two beers, then get ready for a real ER doc having a mind-altering experience in Wayne Liebhard’s The Vortex Effect.


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