Elephants in the Exam Room

The Big Picture Solution To Today’s Health Care “Crisis”


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What are the real problems with health care in America today? Are we, as consumers, asking the right questions? Are doctors able to address the issues freely and practice medicine as they were taught to do, without repercussions? Minnesota-based doctor and writer Wayne Liebhard argues that, in order to tackle the very serious and potentially irreparable damage within the “system,” we need to face some cold, hard truths. Without apology, Liebhard has written a passionate and learned exposition that argues against some popular myths favored by the media, pundits and professional alike. Why does health care cost so much? Why do we pay so much for drugs? Why doesn’t my primary care doctor have more time to spend with me? Why does it take some long to get an appointment with my doctor and why can’t she just treat me over the phone if needed? Why do insurance companies restrict my health care choices? Are we really experiencing a health care “crisis”? Where do agenda-driven politics end, and where does reality begin?

In Elephants in the Exam Room, you will find  controversial and often surprising answers – and solutions – from an experienced doctor who has been in the trenches of the health care system for years, as both a committed primary care practitioner and an advocate for change.


Elephants in the Exam Room has won numerous national awards, including being named the winner of the Next Generation Indie Book Awards in “Current Events/ Social Change.” This program is considered by the book industry to be to books what “Sundance” is to films.


Elephants in the Exam Room is a powerful book. The author, Dr. Wayne Liebhard, picks apart the American health care system and shows why we are in a health care crisis an what needs to be done about it. What I found extraordinary about this book is that Liebhard not only candidly exposes the problems within America’s health care system, but he also offers realistic and practical solutions. I hope every American read this book and voices their concern, even outrage, at what’s going on.” – Karen Coiffi, Ventrice of BookPleasures.com

“Health care is a very touchy and complicated subject, so let me refer you to what I think is the best treatise I have ever read on this subject: Elephants in the Exam Room by Dr. Wayne Liebhard.” – Micheal Beard, former Minnesota State Representative

“Wayne D. Liebhard, M.D. has been a primary care physician in a small family clinic in a Minneapolis South exurb for more than 20 years since graduating medical school at the University of Minnesota. His bachelor’s degree in natural and social sciences is from St. John’s University and he has involved himself in many phases on medicine, medical education, and community service. While I was in the U.S. Senate trying to change the practice of medicine by changing the way Medicare finances patient care, Wayne and doctors like him were growing frustrated. First in their needs to meet patient needs and demands, and then by the changes in the system, in the lifestyles of practitioners, and the growing emphasis by folks like me in changing practice behavior from the outside in. The book he has written is in part protest against the changes in medicine and its rewards, in part his view of the real cost-drivers in medical care, and in part a view of the role third-parties are playing in removing incentives from family physicians to practice quality care. He nicely sums up the reason that the health care crisis is so difficult to understand: “Because everyone has made up his (her) own set of rules by which this game should be played, and their is no clear-cut referee. Everyone seems to have their own set of opinions and, unfortunately, their own set of facts (p. 160).” For those of us who believe that community and family health professionals, not bionic medicine men, are the key to improve access, quality, and cost, this nicely-written plea by a Minnesota doc and friend is a good read.” – Dave Durenberger, U.S. Senator (R-MN) 1978-95 and St. John’s University Alumni (’55).

“Dr. Liebhard debunks health care myths and demystified the dangerous doublespeak of today’s health care debate. He points out that terms like “qualify,” “evidence-based medicine,” and “pay-for-performance” are drawing physicians into an ethical quagmire that undermines the altruistic, patient-centered heart and soul of medical practice.” – Twila Brase, RN, PHN and President of Citizen’s Council for Health Freedom

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