Wayne has been writing articles for Minnesota Physician Magazine since 1994–with his earlier articles being the impetus for his first “Elephants in the Exam Room” book. His goal has been to continue to shed light on the issues plaguing medicine and the doctor-patient relationship.

Topics of these articles include issues such as pay for performance, quality metrics, health care as a “right,” cost control dynamics, personal responsibility, tort reform, and the return of health care control to its consumers.

The articles can be accessed through the Issuu database for Minnesota Physician, accessible at Minnesota Physician Publishing. A partial list follows:

October, 2012 – How’s That Workin’ Out For Ya?
October, 2008 – True Health Care Reform
November, 1997 – The Wizard of Odds
June, 1996 – Reach Out and Treat Someone
December, 1994 – Medical Reforms and Social Irresponsibility
November, 1994 – Reining In Costs with Realism